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Building, Project, Real Estate (Property - Investment) Consulting,  Prinos, Thassos Kavala, Greece
Project-planning, Real Estate (Property - Investment) Consulting, Prinos, Thassos Kavala, Greece
Architect Office, exclusive villas development, Architecture, Thassos, Greece
Presenations Construction Management, Thassos, Greece
Architect Office, Real Estate  Consulting, Prinos, Thassos, Greece
Gallery of photos regarding Architect Office, Project-planning, Real Estate, Thassos Kavala, Greece
Contact Architect Office at Thassos, Greece
Architect Office, Real Estate, Thassos, Greece
Architect Office, Building Permit, planning, Controlling, Real Estate, Thassos, Greece

Architecture and Stone Construction
Planning | Building | Real Estate | Holiday Houses for sales

Architect Engineer, MSc, MBA
Prinos, 64010 Thassos Kavala, Greece

tel/fax: +302593023351, cell: +30 6945  427 663 

Architecture, Exclusive villas for holidays, development (planning - construction),
 Build your own house at Thassos with our assistance, Property Development, Controlling, Building Permit, Real Estate (Properties), Construction Management
Prinos, Thassos island,  Kavala, Greece

Architecture, Building Permit, Property, Thassos, Greece


Our architect office is specialized and located at the island of Thassos.  The aim of our office is to provide our clients with the best service and consultation regarding architectural, technical, legal, investment, and financial issues with our local network of experts in every field (property developers, lawyers, topographers, civil engineers, architects, public notaries, real estate - property agents, graphicer for 3D architectural models ).

 We are  specialized in:

Build your own house at Thassos with our assistance:

  • Design and Build services,  in 9-12 months you can make holidays in your own villa.

  • Renovation of old stone houses - properties at Thassos.

  • Consultation before and during Purchasing your property including architectural services (plans, building cost, permit cost, processes etc.).

  • Assistance at the Planning Stage with project requirements, Project Planning, Providing assistance and cost estimations for financing and Operation Planning

  • Assistance at the Design Stage by preparing Drawings, Specifications, Building Permits, Cost Planning and Construction Planning

  • Assistance for applying for all plans and papers concerning the House Permit, archaeology verification, electricity and  water connection and the handling with the Building office.

  • Assistance during the Bidding Stage by electing and Evaluating offers and Negotiating contracts with subcontractors as well as prices for additional works, and Procurement

  • Assistance during construction phase by organising the Site,  Managing the local workforce, Contacting bills, reports and quoted new prices, Keeping archives with Photos and Works have been done daily, Negotiate Additional Works, Claims, Handling of claims, Controlling and updating the Buildings Schedule (MS Project Manager), and be responsible for the Quality control, inspection and instruction on Site as well as for the local Authorities Relations. Handover agreement, final inspection.

  • Assistance after the completion of the building with Property Management, Renovation, Security, Renewal Planning.

  • A local Network at Thassos island, of lawyers, topographers, civil engineers, architects, public notaries, real estate agents.

  • Experienced Engineers, as partners specialized in several fields of construction and planning, also located at Thassos island.

  • Professional service in a friendly and confidential environment, in 3 languages (Greek, English, German).

  • We are locally owned, and operate in Prinos, Thassos  which give us the advantage of knowing the local market very well.

Design and Build your house at Thassos
When you have decided for the plot, we can design and build a villa or apartment for you. A 3D photo (3D architectural model) of your house as well as the interior will be made at this stage in order to know what you buy.
Once you decide for the plans, we make a contract with a detailed description of the construction and start the building and deliver the completed property in about 8-12 months. During the building process you will receive photos of your house via email. The payment will be arranged in defined stages (usually in 3 stages starting with 30% of the agreed price)  during the building process. You can select from our choice of tiles, sanitary and finishings before even start building.
In the price of the contract are included:

  • Plans

  • Building Permit and Engineer services

  • IKA (social insurance of the workers ) Taxes included. The owner is paying it usually and is around 7000€ for a 120 m2 building but in case of a contact the contractor is paying them.

  • VAT Taxes included

  • Electricity and water connection fees

  • TV, internet  and telephone connections.

A typical house include the following in the contract:

  • 2-3 Bedrooms

  • 1 Bathroom, and 1 WC

  • Living room, Diner and Kitchen

  • Wareroom

  • Reinforced concrete frame with insulation

  • Wooden roof

  • Double Brick or external Thermal Insulated Walls with 7cm polystyrene

  • Double glazed  windows with PVC low-U value frames, and Mosquito Blinds

  • Tiled Floors

  • Air Conditioning and heating

  • Plumbing and sewage installation

  • Furnished kitchen - the electrical devices upon a request

  • Solar panel for warm water

  • Wardrobes

  • Pergolas

  • Fire place

  • Parking place

  • Landscaping

  • Exclusive use in details of the famous white snow Thassos marble

Swimming pool upon an agreement
The END price for the moment for a typical House, is approximately 1200€/m2 including taxes, permits, installations connections etc. with the keys in your hand.

Architect Office, Real Estate,webcam,Holiday,Weather,Prinos, Thassos

Holiday rental. Elea stone houses

Local weather station Thassos Island Greece

Holiday, Real Estate, Limenaria, exclusive propertiew, villa, Thassos, villa

Holiday, Real Estate, Property,Limenaria, Thassos, pool, villa exclusive
panorama, Holidays stone house, Real Estate, Property, Consulting,Prinos, Thassos
oikies, Real Estate, Holidays Property,Prinos, Thassos
Architect Office, Holidays villa, stone made terrace, Real Estate, Thassos
Holiaday villa, Architect Office,Prinos, Thassos


Architecture and Stone Construction
Planning - Building - Real Estate
  Architect Engineer, MSc, MBA
Prinos, 64010 Thassos Kavala, Greece

tel/fax: +302593071118,
cell: +30 6945  427 663

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nedon, Holiday Houses, Real Estate,Prinos, Thassos

dimiourgiki, Real Estate



thranos Real Estate, Property, Consulting,Prinos, Thassos


thassos, prinos, houses for sale, thassos, ΣΠΙΤΙΑ, ΠΩΛΗΣΗ, ΘΑΣΟΣ
22 houses for sale in Prinos, Thassos
5 basic types of houses
Possibility to be customized according to your needs. Decoration combines modern characteristics with traditional tones proper in a country house.
Each house has its own garden, warehouse and open air parking place. …

thassos, limenaria, villas for sale, thassos, ΘΑΣΟΣ, ΣΠΙΤΙΑ, ΠΩΛΗΣΗ
4 VILLAS  in Limenaria, Thassos

170 m2 WITH SWIMMING 50 m2 , 2000m2 plot, stone fences and landscape with stone constructions, fire place, lager and garage.       

thassos, prinos, stone houses for sale, thassos, ΣΠΙΤΙΑ, ΠΩΛΗΣΗ, ΘΑΣΟΣ
3 STONE houses for rent near to Skala PRINOS, Thasos
• 3 Stone houses
• Traditional Houses with stone, wood and ecological materials
• Bioclimatic design, for energy saving and better comfort...

thassos, prinos, stone houses for RENT, thassos, ΣΠΙΤΙΑ, ΠΩΛΗΣΗ, ΘΑΣΟΣ
3 STONE houses fos rent  in PRINOS, Thassos
•  Stone houses adjusted to the landscape and using the local stone from the land in order to be integrated to the landscape.
• PANORAMIC SEE VIEW at the West side of Thassos...

thassos, prinos, stone houses for sale, thassos, ΣΠΙΤΙΑ, ΠΩΛΗΣΗ, ΘΑΣΟΣ


Property management

Presentation regarding Construction Management

Cost Effective "Passive House" as Mediterranean Standard, (ΣΠΙΤΙΑ "ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΙΚΑ" ΠΑΘΗΤΙΚΑ (ΧΑΜΗΛΗΣ Η ΜΗΔΕΝΙΚΗΣ ΕΝΕΡΓΕΙΑΣ)

CO2 Reduction Measures in Communes due to Energy Consumption in Buildings, (ΟΔΗΓΙΕΣ μείωσης των εκπομπών CO2 που οφείλονται στην κατανάλωση ενέργειας σε δημόσια κτήρια)


  Перевести архитектора и реальных Тассос недвижимости в Россию

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Architecture and Stone Construction
Planning - Building - Real Estate

Architect Engineer, MSc, MBA

Prinos, 64010 Thassos, Greece

+30  6945 427 663

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Τεχνικό Γραφείο, ΣΙΓΜΑ ΤΕΧΝΙΚΗ
Διπλ. Αρχιτέκτων Μηχανικός ΑΠΘ, MSc, MBA
Πρίνος, 64010 Θάσος
fax: +302593071118, κινητό: +30 6945  427 663 

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